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Welcome to Managing Your Energy - the place where people learn how to manage their personal, physical energy.


Do you experience fatigue?  Everyone feels tired sometimes. But some of us get more tired than just a physical need to rest. We are feeling fatigue.


Fatigue is that time when our muscles get weak and our brains get foggy. It's hard to do anything. It's even hard to think or concentrate.


So what do you need to do about it? Just like any other challenge that you face, you need to learn how to manage it. Fatigue is just one more brick wall to conquer. You could try to break that wall down . . . or you can find the door and just go through it.


And that door leads to the simple method that tracks your energy so that you can manage it. Tracking your energy allows you to see and analyze your energy use. You can decide what activities to continue, what activities to stop, and what activities to modify. Using this simple method to manage your energy gives you back control over your life.

Who is Diana Lindstrom?

After several years of becoming more and more tired, I decided to go to a doctor.  Although I thought that getting more tired was part of the normal aging process, this level of being tired was extreme.  I was having trouble walking medium distances.  Sometimes I couldn't hoist myself into the van at work.  Other times, I couldn't focus during meetings.  Something was wrong.

The doctor diagnosed my problems as post-polio syndrome.  He did a lot of testing in order to exclude other possible problems.  When he was sure of his diagnosis, he sent me to a physical therapist who specialized in post-polio syndrome.

She was the one who started me thinking about how I used my energy.  What activities did I do everyday?  How tired was I after each activity?  These were questions that I'd never thought about before.

Being the normal post-polio Type A personality, I just had to organize all of this new information.  I needed to feel in control of something in my life which seemed completely out of control now.

What came out of that need for control is this system, Managing Your Energy™ .  I found that when I regained control over my own energy use, I regained control over my whole life.  I learned that dealing with changes in how I have to live does NOT mean that my spirit changes.

And, most importantly, I learned that I was not alone.  Becoming part of the community of people with disabilities helped me to see that everyone on this planet faces challenges.  Some are physical, some are mental, some are temporary, and some are permanent.

I think that the most difficult challenges are those of the spirit.  Everything else is just practice.



Hi, I'm Diana Lindstrom, and I developed the Managing Your Energy™ program so that I could manage my fatigue. As a polio survivor, I deal with fatigue as one of the major symptoms of post-polio syndrome. The program has worked so well for me that I decided to share it with any one who needs to manage fatigue.


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As you use the worksheet, you may find that you'd like more tips and methods for managing your energy.

  •  Do you find that stress uses more of your energy than anything else does?

  •  Do you find it difficult to ask others for help?

  •  Do you know how to lower your stress levels?

These and other concerns are addressed in the workbook, Managing Your EnergyWorkbook.  Click here for more information about the Workbook.

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