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If you’re feeling pain, weakness, and brain fog – you’re in the right spot. You’re experiencing fatigue.

Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to wake up . . . and when you do, you drag yourself around all day

  • You’re ALWAYS tired - too tired to move

  • You suffer from post-polio, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, cancer, or some other disorder that leaves you listless and lacking energy

  • Friends used to describe you as “high energy” and fun . . . and now you can barely get through the day!

  • Your life consists of work and nothing else . . . you can’t do all the things you used to

Has your life lost its joy, appeal, and zing?

Mine did! Here’s my story.

When I reached the van and opened the door, I couldn’t get in.  It was one of those 15-passenger vans.  High off the ground.  My legs just wouldn’t lift me.

Until that moment, I thought all the little things that were going wrong in my body were related to getting older.  After all, I was approaching 41.  Yet no one I’ve ever known has had their legs stop working because of age!

After I got home, I suspected I had post-polio. I did a lot of research on the Internet, and nothing else fit all the symptoms I was experiencing. I knew that I'd had polio when I was an infant, so I made an appointment with the only doctor who was an expert with post-polio in my state.

When the doctor confirmed it, I knew I had to make changes if I wanted to continue walking, working, using a keyboard, playing with my pets, and hugging my husband.

That’s when I started learning how to manage my energy.

 How the Managing Your Energy™ Workbook can change your life!

I don’t know about you ... but I’m sick to death of all those Internet ads that promise a better life instantly. All you have to do is buy this book and your problems dissolve. Blah, blah, blah.

This isn’t one of those ads.

However, do rest assured the Managing Your Energy™ Workbook WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

But, it’s not a quick fix. And, it will mean you need to work at changing the way you see your life, yourself, and what YOU DO! 

I didn't realize that my problems with thinking, finding words, memory, and concentration were due to lack of energy. Thanks for showing me how to get my brain back!

-AV, polio survivor


That being said, let’s take a peek under the covers:


What IS energy, really? You’ll learn just how easy is to waste and deplete your energy. You’ll discover how energy affects your brain . . . for good and bad. And, you’ll identify exactly how you’re currently using (or wasting?) your precious personal energy.

Managing Energy:

How do you stop wasting energy? You’ll discover how to identify activities that waste your energy. Then you'll be able to prioritize the things that you WANT to do. The things that bring you joy.

The single largest waste of your personal energy: You’ll find the answer to that – and what to do about it.

Are you ready to start this journey back to joy in your life?

Then buy the Managing Your Energy™ Workbook now. It’s only $9.95.


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